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R.L. Seales 10 Year Finest Rum, Barbados

This smooth golden Carribean rum possesses wonderfully nutty characters with a delicious unique butternut taste. The rich oak adds suttle vanilla and ..


Foursquare Spiced Rum, Barbados

A dry palate presents cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg, floral herbal notes, soft anise and a bouquet of holiday spices. Some toasted wood is balanced by ..


Doorly's XO Rum, Barbados

Doorly’s XO is easy on the eyes, showing the kind of Deep mahogany amber color that often indicates long barrel aging and complex flavors. Aromas heav..


Plantation 5 Years Old Grande Réserve, Barbados

A very fine blend of Barbados rums, aged for five years in bourbon casks in the Caribbean then refined in old French oak casks at Château de Bonbonnet..


Neptune 3 Year Old Rum, Barbados

Neptune Rum is distilled and aged at the celebrated family-owned Foursquare Rum Distillery set within a former 17th century sugarcane plantation at th..


Doorly's 3 Year Old White Rum

After ageing 3 years in American Oak casks Doorly's white rum picks up a soft and subtle taste of vanilla and white pepper, this is beautifully compli..


Cockspur Fine Golden Rum

Carefully aged in ex-Bourbon casks for a mellow taste, this rum is smooth with notes of brown sugar and spice. A lighter style at 37.5% ABV...


The Real McCoy 12 Year Old

Exceptionally smooth - The Real McCoy 12 Year Old Rum super-premium sipping rum to rival the world's finest spirits. Mature and balanced with complex ..


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