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Gvino Mukuzani Qvevri

Fermentation takes place in qvevri with the skin, pips and a proportion of stems for a structured style. After fermentation, the wine rests in another..


Baias Wine Tsistka, Tsolikauri Krakhuna Qvevri

This is Baia's blend of three grapes from her vineyard; Tsitska, Tsolikouri and Krakhuna. The wine has aromas of persimmon, apricot and citrus. To dri..


Shumi Winery Khikhvi Qvevri, Kakheti Georgia

This amber hued wine has a well balanced silky, mild tannic structure with aromas of white cherry, peach and ripe pears. Shumi's Khikhvi is characteri..


Shumi Winery Saperavi, Kakheti Region

This wine is strongly develped and complex with a palate of dark fruits such as black cherries and blackberries, with underlying earthy notes and savo..


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