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Château Dereszla Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyus 50cl

Aromas of nuts, figs, sweet lemons and subtle smoke fill the nose and lead to an infintely complex and luscious palate...


Szepsy Estate Tokaji Dry Furmint

Elegant aromas of expressive spices, with lime and apple notes. Mineral, apple and apricot notes on the long, vibrant and savoury palate...


Tüske Pince Szekszárdi Cabernet Franc, Szekszárd

This is a classy and silky Cabernet Franc from Hungary with cherry fruit, vanilla and cocoa...


Disznóko Tokaji Late Harvest

Made from 95% Furmint and 5% Zéta and aged for six months in oak barrels. A pale to golden yellow colour. On the nose intense aromas of fresh fruit an..


Etyeki Kuria Zenit



Szepsy Estate Tokaji Szamorodni

The wine contains 170g residual sugar but thanks to the Szamorodni method, the result is a fresh sweet wine with the taste of yellow and dried fruits,..


Château Megyer Furmint, Tokaji

Situated in the picturesque region of Tokaji-Hegyalja in north-eastern Hungary, these vineyards were first planted by Count Ferenc Dobó in 1576, then ..


Archabbey Pannonhalma Rajnai Rizling, Észak-Dunántúl

Riesling is the most-planted variety at the Archabbey. This wine is fresh on the nose, with citrus fruit. It has some lovely weight on the mid-palate...


Unicum Zwack Liqueur 50cl

Bitter herbal flavours with a slight hint of citrus. This is followed by darker coffee flavours...


Château Pajzos T Furmint, Tokaj

A beautiful and characterful dry Tokaji with tropical mango and lychee notes. The rich stone fruit flavours of peach and apricot on the palate work in..


Château Megyer Hárslevelű, Tokaji

This fresh, crisp and slightly savoury Hungarian grape is a delight. The wine has lovely peach and apricot fruit flavours on the nose and has zingy an..


Szepsy Estate Tokaji Aszu

Aromas of forest floor, mushroom, tobacco and oranges. Huge concentration on the palate, with a beautiful viscosity yet a delicate freshness...


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