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Gonzalez Byass, Viña AB Amontillado

Pale burnt orange colour. Medium-high intensity aromas of dried orange peel, walnut and vanilla. Dry on the palate, medium body, medium-low acidity, a..


Bodegas Lustau Solera Reserva Los Arcos Dry Amontillado

This wine, partially aged under a veil of yeast like the finos, completes its ageing without the yeast. The result is amber in colour with a nutty aro..


Valdespino Contrabandista Amontillado

A beautiful, dark walnut-brown hue. An immediately captivating nose, with nut and toffee aromas and the enticing sweetness of a PX dosage. Sweet toffe..


Fernando de Castilla Antique Amontillado 50cl

Light amber in colour, this is a very aromatic style with lots of dried fruit and spice characters. Complex with a lengthy finish...


Williams & Humbert, 'Jalifa' Amontillado 30 Year Old, Solera Especial

This Sherry spends eight years under a layer of flor and 22 years ageing oxidatively. The result is a pronounced and intense wine with notes of almond..


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