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Character' Med/Dry Amontillado, Sandeman Jerez

This sherry shows balanced complexity of dried fruit, such as raisins and figs, with toasted nuts and yeasty flavours. Touches of treacle are balanced..


Gonzalez Byass, Viña AB Amontillado

Pale burnt orange colour. Medium-high intensity aromas of dried orange peel, walnut and vanilla. Dry on the palate, medium body, medium-low acidity, a..


Lustau Solera Reserva Los Arcos Dry Amontillado

This wine, partially aged under a veil of yeast like the finos, completes its ageing without the yeast. The result is amber in colour with a nutty aro..


Valdespino Contrabandista Amontillado

A beautiful, dark walnut-brown hue. An immediately captivating nose, with nut and toffee aromas and the enticing sweetness of a PX dosage. Sweet toffe..


Fernando de Castillo Antique Amontillado 50cl

Light amber in colour, this is a very aromatic style with lots of dried fruit and spice characters. Complex with a lengthy finish...


Williams & Humbert, Solera Amontillado 30 Year Old

This Sherry spends eight years under a layer of flor and 22 years ageing oxidatively. The result is a pronounced and intense wine with notes of almond..


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