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Cromwell's Royal Fine and Old Whisky

Made from a blend of malted barley and grain whiskies, this 3 year old whisky has lovely warmth with some smoky notes. The malty notes blend well with..


Paddys, Paddy Flaherty

Triple distilled. Good nose with some vanilla and honey. A soft, mellow whiskey with some spice. A good starting point...


Black Bottle

JIM MURRAY'S WHISKY BIBLE -95 POINTS - 'Sizzling, jabbing grain versus heavyweight young peated malts: some match; the outcome on the palate is explos..


J & B Rare

The nose is of medium-body with a distinct nutty note. There are hints of fruit and dry wood, a citrus character and a little barley. The palate is of..


Bushmills Black Bush, Distillery Bottled

JIM MURRAY'S WHISKY BIBLE - 91 POINTS - 'amazingly spicy - a bit like the old 1608! - with clean but lively sherry and freshish malt.This is one crack..


Canadian Club

Still made and bottled in Walkerville Canada, Canadian Club is the only Canadian whiskey that is 'barrel-blended' prior to aging in white oak barrels ..


Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Some of the sixteen or so whiskies which comprise this blend can be up to sixty years old. 'Profound and intense.'..


Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 Year Old

Coming from a blend of old and rare whiskies from all over Scotland this whisky packs plenty of complexity. Heaps of honeyed toastiness comes through ..


Feckin Irish Whiskey

Great for those getting into whiskey, with the classic tripple distillation and contents of grain, this has a natural sweet softness. Vanilla is at th..


Pigs Nose Blended Scotch Whisky

The colour is a deep golden brown. The nose has soft gentle rounded notes. The many varying characters used to make up this whisky have mellowed toge..


Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

This is a small batch Irish Whiskey with a very high malt than grain content which is not chill-filtered. It is also finished in rum barrels to add co..


Johnnie Walker, Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black is a Blended Whisky created in the style of Johnnie Walker Black but with a rich, more intense, smokier flavor. It's proof..


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