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Herb Liqueurs

Otaola Pacheran Casero

The fruits are macerated in the cellar along with the best natural alcohols of agricultural origin, in a period of time of approximately six months mo..


Unicum Zwack Liqueur

Bitter herbal flavours with a slight hint of citrus. This is followed by darker coffee flavours...


Genepi d'Armoises 50cl

This is an alcohol-based liqueur, made of sugar cane syrup, an infusion and a Genepi des Alpes spirit, with a soupcon of an infusion of 63 other herbs..


King's Ginger Liqueur 50cl

The King's Ginger Liqueur is a high-strength liqueur created by the careful maceration of ginger root, enlivened by the judicious addition of citrus i..


Mentzendorff Kummel 50cl

Mentzendorff Kummel is a spiced liqueur which began in 1823, it is a superb digestif, flavoured with cumin...


Etxeko Patxarana



Benedictine D.O.M



Green Chartreuse



Giuseppe Alberti - Liquore Strega

It is slightly sweet, semi-viscous, and has a bold, complex flavour with strong minty or coniferous notes...


Périque, La Véritable Liqueur de Tabac

The color is a very light amber/gold, strikingly similar to an old cognac. The aroma is unique, but with touches of cognac, woody tones, Perique tobac..


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