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Kentucky Straight

Wild Turkey 101, Straight Bourbon

Nose: Robust. Leather saddlery. Molasses. Palate: Firm. Deep. Very malty-tasting, yet assertively a bourbon. Malt-loaf. Cookies. Raisiny. Finish: Rumm..


Knob Creek, Distillery Bottled

JIM MURRAY'S WHISKY BIBLE -90 POINTS - 'Marmalade on sightly burnt toast, beautiful, sweet fruit, mainly pears, and then a dash of soft rye and an edg..


Rittenhouse Straight Rye, Bottled in Bond

Made with 100% rye, you can expect the classic sweet spice any good rye has. Dried apricots and toffee come through on the nose. On the palate you'll ..


Noah's Mill Small Batch Bourbon

Rich unctuous flavours of walnuts and dried fruits are clear on both the nose and then the palate. A complexity of floral notes comes through on the f..


Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon

Only to be sold online. Please enquire as stock will be sold on a first come first served basis...


Michter's US 1, Kentucky Straight Rye

Made in limited quantities by this single barrel Rye whiskey is aged in fire charred American white oak barrels for 10 years before bottling. It show..


Old Forester Bourbon

Old Forester is made with an exacting grain recipe of corn, rye and malted barley. With approximately half-again more rye than most bourbons, Old Fore..


Evan Williams Extra Aged

Colour: Caramel coloured, old penny. Nose: Crisp, sweet, minty, burnt sugar. Body: Medium light, slightly oily. Palate: Leather, burnt sugar, salt tof..


Rowan's Creek Small Batch Bourbon

Burnt caramel can be found on the nose, followed by vanilla, creating a Crème brûlée like aroma. On the palate there is a fresher caramelised peach ta..


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