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D'Oliveiras Madeira, 15 Year Old Sweet

Opulent and rich on the nose, dried apricots and candied peel on the palate with a rich finish and well balanced acidity. There is a fine raisin and s..


D'Oliveiras Madeira, Malvasia Colheita

Intensely rich nose and a full mouthful of raisins and caramel, a long powerful finish and finely balanced acidity belying its relative youth. Showing..


D'Oliveiras Madeira, 5 Year Old Medium-Sweet

D'Oliveiras are perfectionists with a continuous drive to produce wines of the utmost quality. One of the oldest Madeira houses in Funchal they produc..


Barbeito 20 year Old Malvasia Madeira

Deliciously sweet with dried fruits and smoke. As one would expect it retains an incredibly fresh and lifting acidity...


Henriques & Henriques 3 Year Old Full Rich Madeira

Brown colour. sweet rich, raisiny nose with a cedary, citrus tang. The palate is rich and bold with sweet raisin notes as well as herbs and spices...


Henriques & Henriques 10 Year Old Malvasia - 50cl

Brown colour. Rich, bold, sweet, grapey, raisiny nose with notes of apples and lemons. The palate shows rounded, warm spicy fruit that’s sweet with so..


Blandy's 15 Year Old Malmsey - 50cl

This Malmsey spends a minimum of 15 years in oak casks, developing a sweet, luscious and smooth character. The high altitude of the Blandy's vineyards..


Barbeito Malvasia Reserva 5 Years Madeira 50cl

Deliciously sweet with dried fruits, lots of nuts and some prune notes. Lifted by a very clean acidity this is wonderful...


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