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Gvino Kisi Qvevri

A Georgian amber wine, made with the Kisi grape in a Qvevri. Earthy, apricot flavours with a tannin bite from time on skins...


Baias Wine Tsistka, Tsolikauri Krakhuna Qvevri

This wine is a blend of two indigenous Imeretian grapes. It has a weighty mouth feel and soft tannins joined with a palate of orchard fruits and a tou..


Shumi Winery Khikhvi Qvevri, Kakheti Georgia

This amber hued wine has a well balanced silky, mild tannic structure with aromas of white cherry, peach and ripe pears. Shumi's Khikhvi is characteri..


Matrobela Rkatsiteli Qvevri

This is a fully bodied wine with a good tannin structure with a palate full of stone fruits and dried apricots and orange peel. Its finished with spic..


Lukasi Kisi, Amber

The nose provides beautiful floral notes with touches of ripe pear and apricot. The palate opens up with great complexity, pear and citrus notes over ..


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