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Palo Cortado

Bertola Palo Cortado, Bodegas Diez Merito

This Palo Cortado expertly marries all of the best things from Amontillados and Olorosos. Rich almond notes are met with citrusy acidity and a creamy ..


Gonzalez Byass, Leonor Palo Cortado

Flavours of spice and nut, delicate, complex, delicious and scandalously inexpensive. A stunning amber colour with hints of orange, this wine has an i..


Cayetano del Pino Viejisimo 1/5 butts, Palo Cortado

This is an exceptionaly delicate and pure wine with lovely vanilla aromas and gentle roundness from long ageing in barrels. The flor aging is perfectl..


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