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Pedro Ximénez

Gonzalez Byass Nectar Pedro Ximenez

Nectar seems such an appropriate name for this wine, given its raisiny mouth-coating sweetness and treacly texture. The Nectar pours ebony in the glas..


Gonzalez Byass, Noe Pedro Ximénez 37.5cl

A sweet, complex sherry, with notes of dark fruit, sweet fig and raisins and added complexities of toffee and mocha...


Valdespino, El Candado Pedro Ximinez 37.5cl

Dark and magnificently rich, this is made from Pedro Ximenez grapes which are dried under the hot Spanish sun, concentrating the sweetness to create a..


Fernando de Castilla Antique Pedro Ximenez 50cl

Very dark, almost black in colour. This is full of dark treacle, molasses and liquorice. Due to a lengthy ageing process this is incredibly complex. ..


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