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Prestige Cuvée

Jean Fillioux Très Vieux, Vieille Grande Champagne

Jean Fillioux Tres Vieux Cognac is a rather old cognac, strictly Grande Champagne origin, tres vieille Grande Champagne. It comes at 40% ABV and in a ..


Hine Cigar Reserve

Hine’s Most powerful Cognac. The nose shows tobacco leaf, crystallised fruit, honey and a slight hint of wood. Well balanced, liquorice, soft spices, ..


Hennessy Paradis



Hermitage Provenance 25 Grande Champagne Cognac

Cognacs from the Grande Champagne age very slowly. The wonderfully complex flavours of this cognac are a result of having been kept in oak barrels in ..


Hermitage Cognac, 45 Year Old. Segonzac, Grande Champagne

This is a cognac of great distinction which requires time. It must not be hurried as the many aromas and flavours need to be discovered slowly. The in..


Hermitage Cognac Café 20, Grande Champagne

A rich, robust dark cognac with hints of mocha, coffee and roasted walnuts. Aged for more than 20 years in oak casks, Hermitage Café 20 is at its best..


Ragnaud-Sabourin Alliance No.20 Réserve Spéciale

An incredibly complex, aromatic, crisp and powerful nose. Mature and earthy with delicate spice and an underlying apricot/ orange fruit, developing ra..


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