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Hine Antique XO

It is light and delicate on the nose, with spicy and intense vanilla aromas. It is complex, balanced, velvety, supple and voluptuous on the palate. Th..


Frapin VIP XO Grande Champagne

Amber, old-gold colour with a very rich bouquet; the scents of spices and floral aromas are specific to very old Grande Champagne distilled with the l..


Maxime Trijol Grande Champagne XO

Nose: Rich nose of anise and sweet spices. Unlit cigars, custard, plenty of sweetness. Palate: Full bodied and balanced, sweet fruit, ginger, oak, hin..


Hennessy XO

Nose: Rich, full-bodied with dark dried fruit notes. Dates, plums, sultana. Palate: Poised, rich, cocoa, dried fruits, nutty. Finish: Caramel, custard..


Remy Martin XO



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